Going solar can be a home improvement that keeps on giving…

Most of us already probably think of solar power as a sound idea: Capture abundant and free sunlight and turn it into energy. You’ll save on our electric bills and waste fewer natural resources at the same time. Everyone wins.

In South Africa we’re blessed with enough systems to make solar a fantastic idea. If you have a roof that faces south, southeast or southwest, solar is probably a good option, but if your roof is more than 20% shaded, you may need a ground-mounted system.

If you’re in an area with many cloudy days you could still benefit from solar, since systems can capture sunlight scattered by clouds or humidity, not just direct sunlight. Also, apparently, solar panels work even more efficiently in colder temperatures.

So the amount of money you can save by harnessing the power of the sun essentially boils down to how you pay for the system, how your home is set up where you live, your current energy usage, how you finance the system, and how long you plan on staying in the home.

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